Welcome OCTOBER!

I LOVE Autumn! Except for the adjustment for the earlier days. But other than that, it's always been a great time of year. Maybe because it's my birthday month or the beautiful fall colors (not that we see that much of that in So. Cal.) or the fun of Halloween. (in my top three fav holidays!) Or maybe since it is the beginning of a hectic season, it's like getting ready for a really busy day! What ever the reason, I do like it and I also really like make Halloween beads! It is the only holiday I enjoy making lots of beads for. In fact I have a large Halloween necklace that is made up from my beads as well as a friend and fellow SCFS buddy, Julie Carlton's beads, that I have now dubbed as my official Halloween costume! It's much easier to put on a black turtle neck with a fancy beaded necklace than put all that goopy make up on...right?? Well here are a few Halloween beadies I still have available. Click on the BIG Spider candy corn for more info and pricing!


BTW, my next bead show is on October 29th at the
L. A Bead Society Bead Bazaar in Culver City. Hope to see you there!