November...busy as usual!

Well, it's been a very busy month so far. And the fun just keeps on going! Last weekend I was up in Oakland at the BABE! show. Thank you to everyone who visited my booth, I had a great show!. It was good to be so busy and it was also really good to see so many of my Bay area buddies!

I am getting ready to spend my Thanksgiving time in Florida with Roger and his family. I can't wait to go shell collecting! We will be in Sanibel for a few capitol of the world! And of course, I will be stopping off at the local bead shop, Lily Rose. Then a few days up to the Cape before returning home.

My intention is to get more available jewelry up on my site and/or etsy before I go....or maybe while I am there. Although not sure about the internet there. If you see something you are interested in, EMAIL ME. I may not be able to respond until the first of December but will ship immediately after we work out details.

FOR SALE: I am selling my first set of suede jewelry displays. Please email me for more info if interested. 13 pieces for $98 includes S&H!