Back in the swing....

Greetings everyone....and happy Springtime! I hope the new season is starting to bring in warmer temps and sunshine. It's been a busy few weeks for me. Since Tucson and besides being sick for 2 weeks, I taught a class in WA at M&D Designs (good fun there!) been back to Connecticut to visit family and just returned from San Diego where I gave a presentation to the Bead Society of San Diego. I premiered my latest project, an "inspirational" video using my underwater footage from Indonesia and also the making of a few fish beads. I was pleased with the way it turned out....but it still needs a few tweaks. I plan on showing this at my shows. By the way, editing takes way too much time!!!

And speaking of shows, I have a LOT going on in April. First it will be the Las Vegas Glass Expo, April 4th through the 6th, then I will be teaching at the Mandrel on April 12th & 13th (last class of the year and a really good deal!) April 26th I'll be at the Orange County Bead Society bead bazaar at Bowers Museum and April 27th, the L.A. Bead Society show in Culver City. Did you get all that? And then there's the SCUBA Show in June! All that info is also on my schedule page.

So with all that said...I better get back to the torch. There are a lot of beads to get made. Hope to see you at one of the shows soon!