Buzz makes it the local paper....and the moon!

Well, technically, not to the moon, but space! I am very excited about my Buzz, the Space Frog heading up into space next friday on the very last Atlantis shuttle flight before it retires. And today, Buzz has hit the local paper, the Daily Breeze! Check out the article HERE!
(photo from the breeze by Brad Graverson)
Beads of Courage is sponsoring this adventure, which includes a total of 17 beads (including Buzz) that weigh exactly 8 ounces and will have the ride of their lives! (?) Read more on their website.

In the meantime, amongst all the “buzz”, I am extremely busy getting ready for the Long Beach SCUBA show this weekend, May 15th & 16th. The show is a couple of weeks early this year, so I am working as fast as I can! This year I will also be featuring glass art from Mazet Studios and Hagstrom Glass. I am very excited about showing (and selling, of course). So all you SCUBA people, I will see you next weekend! And for those of you not able to attend, watch my website the week after, I will be adding lots of goodies to my Etsy page.