February 2016

Well hello there! and I guess...happy new year, even though we are halfway through February. But that's how I roll....yep, slow as molasses on my updates! I am just getting back on the torch after a bit of a lull. Not sure what my focus is just yet, besides prepping for my Las Vegas show. I've been practicing some new techniques, so I will share when I feel like I can. Over the holiday I finally played around with some felting and made a couple of fish...my goal is to create small pouches with these....stayed tuned.

This is the second year I chose not to do the Tucson spring show. I feel like there are just too many shows and they are long shows too. But I did go and visit during the show period which was a lot of fun. My mom lives there and it was great to be able to visit and not have to work at the same time. The weather was beautifull! I did take one day to visit the shows and it was great to catch up with a few glass bead buddies.

My show schedule is up to date so I hope I will see you at one of my shows this year. Please email me with any questions, requests or ideas. I love the challenges and the inspirations!