Christmas at the Carlson's....and a happy new year!

Twas the night before January 1st, and all through the house, all the left overs are gone, not a crumb for a mouse. The stockings still hang by the chimney, but why? Because some of us are too darn lazy to put all this stuff back into boxes and into the attic!! Yes, the Christmas tree still stands all a glow, while Sebastian drinks down the tree water, too low .

Okay, that's enough of that. We had a great holiday and I hope you did too. My dad turned 75 on the 22nd and we had a party for him at our house. We had a full house of visitors for 8 days, which was actually very nice.
I love my family very much and it's not often we all get to spend that much time together....I am thankful for that time. My sister Lisa, who some of you know from my shows, was here as well. We had fun hanging out and even got in a little torch and bead time. I taught her how to make glass beads and the next day she was already asking about the cost of setting up at home! I tell ya, it's addicting!

January 5th & 6th, I will be teaching at the Craft Guild of Dallas. When I return it will be all about TUCSON! I was playing with photos today for an ad I am placing in the Best Bead Show flyer and I liked the look on these fish faces. I told Roger, if this was us, I would be the clown fish! She is looking at the trigger so adoringly! I found that pretty cute.

I hope to see you at one of my shows this year. My show schedule is up to date. And my goal fopr 2008 is to update the photos in my bead gallery!!
Cheers to you for a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2008!