Our "Baby" Kitty

f you’re wondering why I have been so quiet lately, well....here it is.
On September 10th, we had to say goodbye to our beautiful kitty, Baby. We have been giving her a lot of extra care since July, but lost the battle against nature. Baby was just over 18 years old.

My friend Cindi said it best:
“Cats are sheer love wrapped in a fur coat that bring incredible richness to our lives and shred our hearts when they leave us.”
This could not be more true. I try to comfort myself knowing that we gave Baby an incredibly happy and had a fantastic life. We miss her so much and will never forget her happy spirit and head butt kisses.

I am slowly getting back on the torch. Actually, it has been a good distraction this past week. I hope to post some new beads next week. Thank you for your patience.
Baby 1992 - 2010