Yes, this is actually an update!

I have many good excuses for not updating my website for one month, but mainly...I HAVE BEEN SO FRIGGIN BUSY!!!! After the SCUBA show, I began preparing for my upcoming Sonoma Glass Art & Bead Festival which is this weekend, August 12th and 13th. During the last month, besides making beads in record HOT temperatures, I had a wonderful 3-day class with Pati Walton and learned how to make murrinis, filled several frog necklace orders (thanks everyone!), I took a weekend off to go diving, wrote an article and tutorial for a glass magazine (more details later) AND on August 5th, Roger and I celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary! Whew! My friend, Bindy Lambell, the "Mad Beader", and I are heading to Sonoma a day early so we can take a breath before the show...and maybe enjoy a taste of wine while we're in wine country!
Back to BEADS! So here's the deal...I have been getting ready for the Sonoma show, but just three short weeks after that, I will be going to Tucson for the Tucson Fall Best Bead show. I know the time will fly by so I have been "extra" busy with that in mind.

One of the fun things I have made for Sonoma are my "Sonoma Bead Series" (formerly known as the "Napa" series Happy I wish I had more, but they are a bit time consuming. I really like the wine toppers too!