Oh when the shark bites...OW! what to do now?

Well, I went and made shark beads! I’m sure you all have heard by now that a juvenile great white shark bit a man in Manhattan Beach last weekend. If not, you can read more HERE. I was actually on my paddle board, on the ocean, at the time of the incident, but several miles south. Like most people, I feel sorry for the shark...and of course, the guy who got bit. It wasn’t his fault at all. I throw blame at the fisherman and how he handled the situation. But that’s all I’m going to say...it gets too close to politics to discuss here. BUT, I did go and make a few shark beads. Sharks are amazing, beautiful animals and it was fun to make 3 different species in one sitting. A hammer head, a black tip reef shark and my fav, the biggest fish in the sea, the gorgeous whale shark. These are all available....just send me an email at judy@juejebeads.com and I will respond with a paypal invoice.

What else is going on, you ask? Well, next week is the Gathering in Houston. Looking forward to seeing lots of bead buddies there and TONS of gorgeous beads! I will not be selling at the bead bazaar (but may have a few in my pocket) because I have my big San Diego Bead Society show on August 2nd & 3rd. And believe it or not, that is my LAST show of the year! Except for maybe a home show for the locals.

Roger and I are having some work done on the house and that will require my attention. However, I WILL still be making beads! Fortunatley my studio is in the garage and that is not being worked on. I have also been selling on a couple of the FaceBook pages. You will have to join the group, but you will have access to LOTS of pretty beads! Quick little auctions and Buy It Now opportunities. Check it out!
Artisan Lampwork Beads For Sale OR Lampwork Beads For Sale

I do wish I had all the time in the world to post all my beads here, but like most of us....too much to do. I will try my best to get more up here and on etsy, or FB pages. Feel free to email me with any bead questions. I always have a stock of beads and jewelry on hand and I’m happy to send photos.