March Madness

I am loving our winter this year. We have had a lot of rain, which we needed badly. Yesterday was sunny and a little cool, then rain last night and a beautiful sunny day again today! I wish it rained in the summer here. It’s so refreshing!

Now about beads....I still have 5 weeks left before the
Las Vegas Glass Craft Expo, but I not only preparing for that show. I have both the OC and the LA Bead Bazaars on the last weekend of April and THEN, it’s SCUBA show time again! The Long Beach SCUA show is early this year, May 15th & 16th. So my mind is spinning (and so are the mandrels!) with ideas!

Everyday I keep saying to myself “self, you really need to put stuff up on
etsy!” But then self gets distracted with other projects, or some excuse. But I am determined with in the next week to do this. SO please check back soon for both beads and finished jewelry available. Thanks for checking in!