What have I been doing??

Simple answer, NOT updating my website obviously! I always think I will get better at that, but let’s face facts...I suck at updating! I don’t even post (much) on Facebook! But this is more important. SO, what have I been doing? I recently returned from the Tucson Best Bead Show where I had lots of fun. It was entertaining being across from Donna (prima donna beads). During the slow times we kept each other amused. I enjoyed seeing my Tucson regulars and meeting lots of new folks too. I had a bunch of new frogs plus a new “Safari” series of fish, which I will post when I get a few more made and photographed. In the meantime, this is my latest frog which I call “Wrecking Ball”!

I was proud that one of my LOVE bears was featured in the gallery section of the latest issue of Bead Design Studio magazine. I have one left if any one is interested
(the one on the right is available)

My next show is the always fun Las Vegas Glass Craft Expo. The show dates are March 28th thru the 30th. This is a glass artist/hobbyist dream show! Everything you want and need is right there, in one show and it includes a bead bazaar within the expo. AND it’s in Las Vegas!! Really, what more do you need. After that I will be showing at the Art of Adorning, the OC bead society bead bazaar on April 26th. This is a very nice, outdoor spring show with high quality beads & jewelry. And then, it’s SCUBA time again! More on that soon!

You never know where your inspiration will come from, so when I saw this vintage crackle glass necklace, I purchased it and then created this lovely little blue fish to match. With a bit of a re-do, this is my new piece I call “Brilliant Blues”. Hope to see you soon at one of my upcoming shows!