Where did the summer go?

Well, actually I guess it is still very much summer according to the weather, but it’s weird to think is practically September already! We are lucky to be close to the ocean and not have the triple digit temps here, but it is still quite warm. Not as warm as the Sea of Cortez which I recently returned from after a glorious week of diving from the Rocio Del Mar and best of all, swimming with whale sharks! What an amazing experience that was! This photo (above) was taken by Roger….who was lucky enough to have an hour swim with his own “personal” whale shark! A few weeks before our trip I was keeping very busy with the ISGB Gathering in Seattle and then the San Diego Bead Society show. Thank you
to all who came by my booth! I was excited about our upcoming holiday and made my first whale shark bead. I was happy with this one, which sold at my show, but I can’t wait to make more! Now that I have seen them up close and a personal, I have more detail to add to my next one.

Another design I am working on is my “Over/Under” series. This was my second one (SOLD), still in the prototype stage, but will work on more of this design.

My upcoming shows for the rest of this year have not been inked, but most likely I will be at the L.A. Bead Society show on October 28th and most likely BABE! in November. I will update my show schedule page as soon as these are inked shows. I am excited to be teaching at the ASGB in Glendale, AZ in October. I had an incredibly fun class up in Seattle and look forward to doing that again!

In the mean time, I will be updating my etsy and gallery pages. I know, I always say that. One of these times, I am actually going to do it! Please check back soon!