March Happiness!

It has been a whirlwind of emotions at the Carlson house. It was tough saying goodbye to our darling girls in the past 6 months, but we are happy to report that we have welcomed in two little kitties and we couldn’t be happier! They were 5 months old when we adopted them 4 weeks ago, so they are past the teeny tiny, teething and curtain swinging days. But they are still very playful and kitten curious! They are littermate siblings, a boy and a girl. We’ve had them for 4 weeks and they still do not have official names. (I know, I know!) We try a name out for a day or so then change it. Hopefully by the next update, they will be named.
Sebastian has been SO wonderful with them! At first, he wasn’t thrilled and gave us the most disappointing glares. But he has come, knowing he is now #1 and I think is amused by the little ones running around. They are so adorable and most entertaining. Their first 5 months of life in a foster home was very good...they are happy, healthy and getting bigger everyday. We were very lucky to get this pair.

Okay, still have to talk about BEADS! I will be at the Los Angeles Beads Show this Sunday in Culver City. Click HERE for more info. I have been having a lot of fun with beads on keys. This is one of my favorites that I will have at Sunday’s show.
Be sure to check out my available fish beads on my Sea of Fish page. Shell sets and more frogs coming soon!
My next show, the Las Vegas Glass Craft Expo is just around the corner, then the Beads of Courage Challenge and the Art of Adorning Bead Bazaar. The next several weeks will be very busy! My show schedule is up to date for more info and dates. Hope to see you soon!