Back from Kwajalein

I just returned from a last minute trip to Kwajalein! I know, sounds kind of crazy, but I went with Roger so I could see where he is working on launching a rocket! Pretty exciting! Kwajalein is a small island in the Marshall Islands, about 2600 miles SW of Hawaii. It is beautiful, tropical and HOT! And I mean hot in the true meaning of HOT! and very HUMID!

So aside from my bad hair week, I had a really great time there. Much more to do than one would think, wonderful people, new friends, a fun hobby shop, beaches, SCUBA, snorkeling....just to name a few things that kept me busy.
One day I spent a couple of hours picking up beach glass, another day snorkeling on Omelek, a small near by island where the rocket will launch from. We went diving one day on the most pristine reef, saw an eagle ray, a white tip shark and giant clams in the largest variety of colors I've ever seen. Another day, my new friend Melissa helped me make a ceramic bowl in the hobby shop. It really was a treat to be able to visit this island since not a lot of people can go there. It is by the US military and you have to have permission to be there, so I felt very privileged. Of course, I couldn't make beads while I was there, but I did take a project and managed to get this new, bundle of beads bracelet made. It is called the "South Pacific" bracelet. (click on the pic for more info).

I will be at Dreamstone Bead Co this Saturday and Sunday in Rancho Cucamonga. Please click HERE for hours, address and directions. I hope to see you there!