Wow, where did the summer go? Actually, it’s still pretty much summer here in So Cal, but it’s September! I only had one show since the SCUBA show. The San Diego bead society, which was great, was last month and now I have been catching up on “stuff”. I have been busy trying to throw things out, as I am sure most of you can relate to. I’ve cleaned up my work space and played with some other crafty items I have around. And I’ve been playing in the ocean! I guess I should say “on” rather than in….haven’t been diving in a while, but paddle boarding sure is fun! But, back to beads….one day out on the SUP, we came across a huge mola mola. I made a bunch of the little molas for earrings that “debuted” at the SCUBA show, but this big boy inspired the largest mola bead I’ve made to date!

I have also made a few Halloween beads recently and even put them up on Etsy! Yes, it’s true, I have beads up on Etsy, so check it out. I hope to have more in a few days, so add me to your favorites and check back.

Next show is BABE! on November 16th & 17th in Oakland. Always a fun show and weekend, so looking forward to that. Please keep a watch out on my Etsy page for new jewelry, just in time for the holidays!