Bead Shows and BUZZ!

Remember a few months ago I was posting about my “Buzz, the Space Frog” bead that took a ride on the last shuttle? Well check this out, Buzz is back home and is now on tour with the rest of his space bead buddies. The beads were strung together and can be seen here being held by Astronaut Ken Ham. Along side Jamie Newton (his photo) and his daughter Sydney, who inspired the Beads in Space idea for Beads of Courage.

Would like to own a replica of “Buzz the Space Frog”? They are a limited edition bead, only 25 will be made and then they are history! Beads of Courage is selling these commemorative beads exclusively. You can purchase Buzz HERE!

The Bead Society of Los Angeles will host their annual Fall Bead Bazaar this coming Sunday, October 24th from 10 to 5pm. I am back in my usual spot, in the entrance to the can’t miss me! Be sure to stop by and see the new goodies I have been working on plus lots of favorites.

My next show will be BABE! on November 13th and 14th. This is a HUGE show with lots of very talented glass artists as well as most of my favorite vendors, like Via Murano, Bead Trust and Arrow Springs! If you are in the NorCal area, stop by Saturday or Sunday....and save a few $ on admission by clicking HERE!