Happy Valentine's Day!

I am home from a wonderful week in Tucson. And what a busy week I had! First, I was there to do the Best Bead Show which was fun as always. Thursday night, went to a reception for Beads of Courage and delivered a huge box of beads and a check all from the So Cal Flame Surfers. THEN, I am proud to say that I was part the “Silica Sirens” team in the SGAA Flame Off Invitational....and we won FIRST PLACE!
Our team included JC Herrell, Kim Fields and myself. Together we created a 3 tiered totem type sculpture titled “Above and Below Tamarindo”, colors and critters inspired by Costa Rica (We have all been there once!). YOU CAN OWN THIS PIECE! Bidding will stay open until February 22nd. BID NOW! It was very exciting to place first in a competition like this among so many other very talented and creative artists. We were very happy!
What’s up next? Well, that would be the GlassCraft Expo in Las Vegas! I am looking forward to that, and even though it seems like it’s far away, April 9th - 11th, time flies....and I have lots to do to replenish my inventory and make new critters! One of the prizes I received from the flame off was variety of Bullseye glass. There are many new colors that I am going to play with....so look forward to new styles AND colors!

My very handsome kitty was extremely tolerant last Christmas as me and my favorite 7 yr. old (soon to be 8!) friend, Maya, made candy canes out of pipe cleaners. At one point Maya made a red heart and placed it on Sebastian, who was sitting patiently next to us on craft night. I am turning this into a new holiday photo for Valentine’s Day. He is my handsome Valentine kitty!