Back from Vegas! Check out all the new photos....

The Las Vegas Glass Craft & Bead Expo was a BLAST! My sister Lisa, pictured here with me, came out to help me with my booth AND my gambling luck! She brings "Pony" (her "stuffed" one) for luck and it seems to work for her. It always amazes me that she wins on slot machines, so this year, I tired my luck and it worked for me too! YAY! But enough about that...let's talk GLASS!

There were several amazing artists like my friend Beau Tsai (I wish he had a website!) who makes incredible glass animal sculptures, Deb Crowley of big, beautiful fish fame, Leah Faribanks with her gorgeous floral and jeweled beads and then I got to meet the Mazet boys! Josh and Ely Mazet of Mazet Studios, create amazing boro critters and marbles. I was lucky enough to bring home this gorgeous sea slug made by Josh.

When I returned home, I had to get ready for a small craft fair, which meant stringing up beads. I was actually glad I had not sold this extra large scallop shell since I had this idea for a necklace. It turned out pretty nice, in fact I didn't display it at the show because I like ot too much. I made another yesterday in a soft, aqua color, put it out today and sold it! I didn't even get a photo!
While making jewelry, Sebastian once again tried to help. Look at him! All he's thinking about is how much closer he can get to my bead board and what can he "help" with. I also put together several new pairs of my little fishie earrings.
I promise to get photos up with in the next week. Okay, I hope this has brought you up to I gotta go do my taxes...and make more beads!