Happy 4th of July!

I want to thank everyone who visited my booth at the 2008 Long Beach SCUBA Show! Another record attendance, over 11,000 people! It was unusually hot, so being inside an air conditioned convention hall was the place to be! I also want to thank my husband, Roger, who helps me at this show (it's the only one he'll do!) and my good friends, Margaret and Kathi, who helped me take care of the booth. I really could not do this show alone, so I greatly appreciate their help! Also, Rickie Voges of Rickie Voges Designs. for creating some absolutely gorgeous jewelry using my beads, as well as some other talented glass artists. I thought that was a nice fresh touch to the collection this year.

Ever wonder where the name "Jujee" came from? The secret is revealed...Click on my photo above to see my interview for Dive Matrix! My buddy Ken Kopp from Dive Matrix did a nice job interviewing several vendors...check them all out HERE!

So, moving on to the next show...the San Diego Bead Bazaar put on by the BSSDC, August 2nd & 3rd. This is one of my (many) favorite shows to do. It's a big show, with lots of great vendors, plus I get to spend the weekend with my sister, Lisa, who also helps me out at the show. And right after that, I am going to The Gathering which is a HUGE glass beadmaker conference. This year it will be held in Oakland CA, so I am finally able to attend! On Saturday, August 9th, I will have a table at the one day bead bazaar at the Oakland Marriott Convention Center. This is the MOST amazing gathering of glass artists from all over the world! So if you are into glass beads, better make your plans now!

Well, I have lots to get made. BUT, sometime with in the next couple of months I PROMISE to update my web gallery. I know I have said this many times, but it is just been too neglected, and I will make the time to put up new pics....even beads that are available! So keep checking back...or email me and bug me about it!