It's Show Time!

So many shows, so many beads to make, so little time! But I am doing my best, plus I am trying to keep up with my Etsy page too! Coming up in less than two weeks, it’s the Las Vegas Glass Craft Expo, always a good time! Then I have the Orange County Bead Society show on April 24th and the Los Angeles Bead Society show on April 25th. And if that’s not enough to keep a beader busy, the SCUBA Show 2010 on May 15th & 16th. Jeez, I’m out of breathe just writing about it! Plenty of opportunity, and yes, there will be plenty of beads! For those of you unable to make these shows, I will continue to post new beads on my Etsy page.
The collage of reef fish and fish necklace are my new Etsy postings for this weekend. Click HERE to shop now!

My good friend Maryann was down by the Redondo Beach pier last week and took this photo. It amused me too....and I have printed it and plan to attach it to a box next to my “repair” station! (more of a joke, I really don’t have too many mishaps, really. but I thought an “Insert Fish Parts” box was appropriate!)