Summer is here!

Sometimes I update my site starting with “wow, I can’t believe how long it’s been...”. Well, this time I am just embarrassed how looong it has been since I have updated! There has been a lot going on, as usual. I had my SCUBA show at the beginning of June which was very successful Thank you for all who stopped by to check out the new designs! I also would like to thank Mazet Studios and Rickie Voges Designs for being part of my show.

And now it’s July and just 2 weeks before my next show in Louisville, KY. at the Gathering and then a week after that, the BSSDC show in San Diego on August 6th & 7th. I am doing my best to create new goodies as well as replenish my popular beads, like my shell sets and critters.

A new item I have been on is putting sea star designs on old skeleton keys. I have also been making beads on the keys too. I will try to post more pics very soon.

It has been very warm here in So Cal so I decided it’s about time Sebastian get a little trim. This is a fun shot of his “lion cut”. He is very happy! Yes, he really is! (I like his new tail!)

I am also pleased to call my self a diver once again. It had been almost two years, but I finally got back int he water, battling the 50° water temps here in sunny So Cal! I got to see my favorite critters, the nudibranchs. And they were everywhere! I saw 7 different species! It was very exciting and yes, I was cold, but it was it was worth it. I didn’t take a camera, but my friend Jim did and got this great shot of my favorite CA nudi! More news soon....