yes, it's another photo of my cat!

I can't help it! Look at how handsome he is!! Sebastian is sitting here right now, happy because he just had his greenies and now he's ready for bed! So am I for that matter....but before I retreat to dreamland, just a quick update on the bead front...that IS what this site is supposed to be about BEADS, not CATS!
Last week, Roger and I drove up the coast to see the elephant seals on the beach just north of Cambria, then we went to he Monterey Bay Aquarium to see the great white shark which was very cool! We were very lucky to see it since they released the shark back to ocean yesterday. We had a great is a wonderful aquarium and the location is gorgeous! And I highly recommend Fish Hopper (1/2 block away from MBA) for lunch AND dinner! Anyhoo, I was shark inspired when I came here are the results. (can you ID all three sharks?) They will be taking the trip to Tucson next week. On that note, better go get some sleep, gotta torch all day long!!