a quickie!

Well, hello there! I can finally come up for a breath of air! The SCUBA show was GREAT! Many thanks to all of my new and old (meaning nothing about age, of course!) friends! If you were there and stopped by, a HUGE thank you for all of your business and support. And Chris, thanks for the nice pics on Diver.net !

I had many new items, including my new jelly fish earrings. (which will soon have a photo link) The jellyfish sold out quickly, but I promise to make more soon and get them up on the site.

I am pretty tired, so I will update again in a day or two, but I really wanted to say thanks to all of my new and past customers, as well as Margaret Webb and Kathi Woodley for helping me in my booth. And I also need to mention my wonderful husband who also made my life easier thanks to his help too.
I really liked the balloon idea, again thanks to Roger...