hot times in the city...and the beach!

Most of us living on the So Cal coast have been complaining all summer that we never had a summer! Well....”someone” is getting us back with temps of 100° even at the beach! This week has been record breaking HOT! Not the best torching weather, but I have been doing my best to make a few pieces each day, I have a lot to catch up on.

I did take off last Sunday and went out on a friends boat in search of the magnificent blue whale. These massive creatures have been visiting our coastal waters recently due to the abundance of krill in the water. We were treated to one that actually surfaced on its side and “waved” to us with its enormous pectoral fin! (where was my camera? that’s right, in the cabin, in a bag, in its case) As we were heading back we were once again visited by another (or maybe the same one?). I managed to get this little sequence of shots. The “blow” from these animals can shoot up 30 feet!

I recently bought a big sample pack of dichro form CBS and have been experimenting. I am happy with the results so far! I am happy to introduce Aria, Alexa and Zoe!. (click on each for more info)
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