Back on the surface....

Once again, Indonesia is the most AWESOME DIVING IN THE WORLD! I mean, can it get better? I am willing to go in search of a better a place, but I have a feeling, I will anxiously return to N. Sulawesi to be with the crazy critters that reside there! Now that I am back to reality, I will be spending the next 5 weeks preparing for my biggest jewelry show of the year, the Long Beach SCUBA Show. I will be very busy so I will not be able to take on custom orders until after the show (end of June), however, if there is something you are interested in, please don't hesitate to email me and will add you to my order list. Keep checking in as I will post photos of some new jewelry designs for the show! DSC00199

With fresh inspiration, I plan on having lots of nudibranch pendants for the show, like these little Risbecia tryoni beads! These nudibranchs are often seen in pairs, trailing each other, following the others "scent". My Risbecia beads will be sold separately, but I'm sure they will be happy that way! (click on photo for more info)