September in Sunny So Cal

I have finally come up for air! No, I have not been diving, but in deep with house projects. But I am beginning to breath again as I slowly un-pack the last few boxes. We re-did our floors, going from carpet to a beautiful dark hardwood and what a difference it makes. The cats are not quite sure how to begin running from a standing still position....not sure they will ever figure that out. AND it has been HOT too. We are lucky to live close to the ocean (temps are typically lower) because the inland areas were in the triple digits. But it’s been cooling off and today is a gorgeous almost autumn day...pleasantly warm with a nice cool breeze.

Needless to say, with all that has been going on in the house, I have not been on my torch in some time. I can’t wait to get back out there as the ideas swirl through my head. I do not have any more shows for the year due to other projects going on this year. I will still be making beads & jewelry and I will try to get a few things listed on my etsy page so there will be goodies for your holiday shopping. And always feel free to email me with any questions or requests.

If you are interested in a witchy-poo frog for Halloween, email me asap!

Nikki tries to stay cool on a warm day...

Back from the Gathering!

For those of you who are not familiar with the Gathering, it is a 4 day conference put on by the ISGB (International Society of Glass Beadmakers). The conference moves around the US each year and this year it was held in Houston, TX. Yep, nice and humid. But we didn't care, we were indoors most of the time watching presentations, demos and of course, the one day bead bazaar. This is THE most prestigious bead show in the world! Glass bead makers from around the world attend this show and there is nothing but glass beads! This year I decided not to have a booth (more goodies for San Diego!) It was wonderful as I finally had the chance to walk around and gawk at everyone else's amazing work. I just returned last night and haven't had a chance to fire up the torch, but my head is spinning with ideas. I am hoping ot have some newly inspired items for the San Diego Bead Society Bead Bazaar on August 2nd & 3rd. I did get this cute little snorkel frog made up before the conference. He will be making his debut in San Diego....unless he gets scooped up here first! Click HERE for a $2 off the $5 admission price. See you in San Diego!

Oh when the shark bites...OW! what to do now?

Well, I went and made shark beads! I’m sure you all have heard by now that a juvenile great white shark bit a man in Manhattan Beach last weekend. If not, you can read more HERE. I was actually on my paddle board, on the ocean, at the time of the incident, but several miles south. Like most people, I feel sorry for the shark...and of course, the guy who got bit. It wasn’t his fault at all. I throw blame at the fisherman and how he handled the situation. But that’s all I’m going to gets too close to politics to discuss here. BUT, I did go and make a few shark beads. Sharks are amazing, beautiful animals and it was fun to make 3 different species in one sitting. A hammer head, a black tip reef shark and my fav, the biggest fish in the sea, the gorgeous whale shark. These are all available....just send me an email at and I will respond with a paypal invoice.
What else is going on, you ask? Well, next week is the Gathering in Houston. Looking forward to seeing lots of bead buddies there and TONS of gorgeous beads! I will not be selling at the bead bazaar (but may have a few in my pocket) because I have my big San Diego Bead Society show on August 2nd & 3rd. And believe it or not, that is my LAST show of the year! Except for maybe a home show for the locals.

Roger and I are having some work done on the house and that will require my attention. However, I WILL still be making beads! Fortunatley my studio is in the garage and that is not being worked on. I have also been selling on a couple of the FaceBook pages. You will have to join the group, but you will have access to LOTS of pretty beads! Quick little auctions and Buy It Now opportunities. Check it out!
Artisan Lampwork Beads For Sale OR Lampwork Beads For Sale

I do wish I had all the time in the world to post all my beads here, but like most of us....too much to do. I will try my best to get more up here and on etsy, or FB pages. Feel free to email me with any bead questions. I always have a stock of beads and jewelry on hand and I’m happy to send photos.

Psssst! It's finally SCUBA time!

Join me and all my little fishy friends at the Long Beach SCUBA show this weekend, Saturday & Sunday. More info HERE!

NEW Frogs on Etsy!

You’ve been asking for it, so here are five frogs available now on Etsy! And, only 2 weeks left until the 2014 SCUBA Show in Long Beach! I am going to try (very hard) to get a few SCUBA frogs made for the show. I have been getting several requests, so I will see what I can do. Hope to see you soon, either at the show or in my Etsy shop!

It's May and it is hot, hot HOT!!

Here in Southern CA, a typical May is pleasant temperatures mixed with sun and fog. But it is now SO HOT! 90 today! And the wind is blowing, but the wind is hot too!
The weather sometimes dictates what I’m going to work on, so as you may have guessed, I have not been on the torch lately. But I have been inside where it’s cooler, working on new jewelry designs for the SCUBA show. I am always excited for this time of year. I love taking my beads and creating new styles of wearable art! The SCUBA show is my biggest finished jewelry show, so I get a lot put together this time of year. If you are a diver, this is the biggest SCUBA show on the west coast and it’s a really fun show. Check out the show details HERE. I will try to post a few more photos as I get more made.

My next show after the SCUBA show will be the San Diego Bead Society Bazaar on August 2nd & 3rd. I will be attending the Gathering, but will not have a booth, just going for fun! I hope to see you at one of my shows. Can’t make the shows but interested in my beads? Email any questions at

What's happening in Spring time...

Well, Las Vegas Glass Expo has come and gone. Taxes are done (yay) and now it’s time for the Bowers/OC bead society show, Art of Adorning, on April 26th. I love this show because it is outdoors on the grounds of the Bower’s Museum. The weather is typically wonderful and there is always a good crowd of happy bearers! I’ve been working on a few new ideas and will post them as they evolve. One newbie, “debuting” at the LV expo is a twist on my food chain bead...I call this one “Pollywog-ISH”.
I also have lots of shell beads in stock and hope to have photos up soon of the new color combos...or email with any requests.

After the OC show, it’s once again, all about the SCUBA show! This year the event will take place on June 7th & 8th at the Long Beach Convention Center. I am already in the mode and my head is spinning with ideas. Just need to sit down and start putting things together! So stay tuned for more beads!

What have I been doing??

Simple answer, NOT updating my website obviously! I always think I will get better at that, but let’s face facts...I suck at updating! I don’t even post (much) on Facebook! But this is more important. SO, what have I been doing? I recently returned from the Tucson Best Bead Show where I had lots of fun. It was entertaining being across from Donna (prima donna beads). During the slow times we kept each other amused. I enjoyed seeing my Tucson regulars and meeting lots of new folks too. I had a bunch of new frogs plus a new “Safari” series of fish, which I will post when I get a few more made and photographed. In the meantime, this is my latest frog which I call “Wrecking Ball”!

I was proud that one of my LOVE bears was featured in the gallery section of the latest issue of Bead Design Studio magazine. I have one left if any one is interested
(the one on the right is available)

My next show is the always fun Las Vegas Glass Craft Expo. The show dates are March 28th thru the 30th. This is a glass artist/hobbyist dream show! Everything you want and need is right there, in one show and it includes a bead bazaar within the expo. AND it’s in Las Vegas!! Really, what more do you need. After that I will be showing at the Art of Adorning, the OC bead society bead bazaar on April 26th. This is a very nice, outdoor spring show with high quality beads & jewelry. And then, it’s SCUBA time again! More on that soon!

You never know where your inspiration will come from, so when I saw this vintage crackle glass necklace, I purchased it and then created this lovely little blue fish to match. With a bit of a re-do, this is my new piece I call “Brilliant Blues”. Hope to see you soon at one of my upcoming shows!

Happy Holidays!

Honestly it surprised me how long it had been since I last updated my site. I have to admit, at the end of the summer, I was goofing off a bit, taking advantage of our beautiful weather and living close to the ocean. I was having fun (and still am) playing on my new paddle board. And just when I thought I better get back to the torch and catch up, I had a personal issue that took me out for a month or so. All is fine, just lost a little time. So back to the happy holiday! Thank you to all of you who have ordered your holiday gifts. Your ideas and enthusiasm are always inspirational to me. I am excited about my new “Surfy Santa Frog”! Tis the season....and why do these ideas hit me 2 weeks before Christmas?? Oh well, I will certainly start putting these beads out there earlier next year.

And what better way to celebrate the season, COOKIES! I recently had a molasses ginger cookie from a bakery. It had a touch of spice, was slightly chewy and had a hint of crunch from sugar. YUM!! I searched for a recipe and chose this one Molasses Ginger Cookies because it used more molasses and brown sugar instead of white. These are definitely, my new favorite cookie. In the past 2 weeks I have made 2 batches (the recipe makes less than 2 dozen) and I plan on making more this weekend. So I will share the recipe LINK...just in case you are interested. It’s very easy, but do follow the directions and chill the dough for a while.

dophin day
My next show is February 5th thru the 9th, Best Bead Show in Tucson, AZ. I always look forward to this show because I see many familiar faces, friends and meet lots of new people too. I look forward to the new year and spending more time on the torch...when I’m not out paddling with dolphins! Happy 2014!


Wow, where did the summer go? Actually, it’s still pretty much summer here in So Cal, but it’s September! I only had one show since the SCUBA show. The San Diego bead society, which was great, was last month and now I have been catching up on “stuff”. I have been busy trying to throw things out, as I am sure most of you can relate to. I’ve cleaned up my work space and played with some other crafty items I have around. And I’ve been playing in the ocean! I guess I should say “on” rather than in….haven’t been diving in a while, but paddle boarding sure is fun! But, back to beads….one day out on the SUP, we came across a huge mola mola. I made a bunch of the little molas for earrings that “debuted” at the SCUBA show, but this big boy inspired the largest mola bead I’ve made to date!

I have also made a few Halloween beads recently and even put them up on Etsy! Yes, it’s true, I have beads up on Etsy, so check it out. I hope to have more in a few days, so add me to your favorites and check back.

Next show is BABE! on November 16th & 17th in Oakland. Always a fun show and weekend, so looking forward to that. Please keep a watch out on my Etsy page for new jewelry, just in time for the holidays!