What's happening in Spring time...

Well, Las Vegas Glass Expo has come and gone. Taxes are done (yay) and now it’s time for the Bowers/OC bead society show, Art of Adorning, on April 26th. I love this show because it is outdoors on the grounds of the Bower’s Museum. The weather is typically wonderful and there is always a good crowd of happy bearers! I’ve been working on a few new ideas and will post them as they evolve. One newbie, “debuting” at the LV expo is a twist on my food chain bead...I call this one “Pollywog-ISH”.
I also have lots of shell beads in stock and hope to have photos up soon of the new color combos...or email with any requests.

After the OC show, it’s once again, all about the SCUBA show! This year the event will take place on June 7th & 8th at the Long Beach Convention Center. I am already in the mode and my head is spinning with ideas. Just need to sit down and start putting things together! So stay tuned for more beads!

What have I been doing??

Simple answer, NOT updating my website obviously! I always think I will get better at that, but let’s face facts...I suck at updating! I don’t even post (much) on Facebook! But this is more important. SO, what have I been doing? I recently returned from the Tucson Best Bead Show where I had lots of fun. It was entertaining being across from Donna (prima donna beads). During the slow times we kept each other amused. I enjoyed seeing my Tucson regulars and meeting lots of new folks too. I had a bunch of new frogs plus a new “Safari” series of fish, which I will post when I get a few more made and photographed. In the meantime, this is my latest frog which I call “Wrecking Ball”!

I was proud that one of my LOVE bears was featured in the gallery section of the latest issue of Bead Design Studio magazine. I have one left if any one is interested
(the one on the right is available)

My next show is the always fun Las Vegas Glass Craft Expo. The show dates are March 28th thru the 30th. This is a glass artist/hobbyist dream show! Everything you want and need is right there, in one show and it includes a bead bazaar within the expo. AND it’s in Las Vegas!! Really, what more do you need. After that I will be showing at the Art of Adorning, the OC bead society bead bazaar on April 26th. This is a very nice, outdoor spring show with high quality beads & jewelry. And then, it’s SCUBA time again! More on that soon!

You never know where your inspiration will come from, so when I saw this vintage crackle glass necklace, I purchased it and then created this lovely little blue fish to match. With a bit of a re-do, this is my new piece I call “Brilliant Blues”. Hope to see you soon at one of my upcoming shows!

Happy Holidays!

Honestly it surprised me how long it had been since I last updated my site. I have to admit, at the end of the summer, I was goofing off a bit, taking advantage of our beautiful weather and living close to the ocean. I was having fun (and still am) playing on my new paddle board. And just when I thought I better get back to the torch and catch up, I had a personal issue that took me out for a month or so. All is fine, just lost a little time. So back to the happy holiday! Thank you to all of you who have ordered your holiday gifts. Your ideas and enthusiasm are always inspirational to me. I am excited about my new “Surfy Santa Frog”! Tis the season....and why do these ideas hit me 2 weeks before Christmas?? Oh well, I will certainly start putting these beads out there earlier next year.

And what better way to celebrate the season, COOKIES! I recently had a molasses ginger cookie from a bakery. It had a touch of spice, was slightly chewy and had a hint of crunch from sugar. YUM!! I searched for a recipe and chose this one Molasses Ginger Cookies because it used more molasses and brown sugar instead of white. These are definitely, my new favorite cookie. In the past 2 weeks I have made 2 batches (the recipe makes less than 2 dozen) and I plan on making more this weekend. So I will share the recipe LINK...just in case you are interested. It’s very easy, but do follow the directions and chill the dough for a while.

dophin day
My next show is February 5th thru the 9th, Best Bead Show in Tucson, AZ. I always look forward to this show because I see many familiar faces, friends and meet lots of new people too. I look forward to the new year and spending more time on the torch...when I’m not out paddling with dolphins! Happy 2014!


Wow, where did the summer go? Actually, it’s still pretty much summer here in So Cal, but it’s September! I only had one show since the SCUBA show. The San Diego bead society, which was great, was last month and now I have been catching up on “stuff”. I have been busy trying to throw things out, as I am sure most of you can relate to. I’ve cleaned up my work space and played with some other crafty items I have around. And I’ve been playing in the ocean! I guess I should say “on” rather than in….haven’t been diving in a while, but paddle boarding sure is fun! But, back to beads….one day out on the SUP, we came across a huge mola mola. I made a bunch of the little molas for earrings that “debuted” at the SCUBA show, but this big boy inspired the largest mola bead I’ve made to date!

I have also made a few Halloween beads recently and even put them up on Etsy! Yes, it’s true, I have beads up on Etsy, so check it out. I hope to have more in a few days, so add me to your favorites and check back.

Next show is BABE! on November 16th & 17th in Oakland. Always a fun show and weekend, so looking forward to that. Please keep a watch out on my Etsy page for new jewelry, just in time for the holidays!

Summer Fun!

us at ss
The summer weather has been perfect so far in So Cal! And what better way to kick off my summer than a very busy SCUBA show! Thank you to everyone who stopped by! I was so excited to have new goodies, especially for my “regulars” who I only see once a year!
A BIG thank you to my sister, Lisa who helped me out on Saturday. We were swamped! And My hubby Roger, who helped me set up & break down, and helped out on Sunday.

Roger is wearing his new Garibaldi shirt from Rum Reggae….he was not alone! This was a popular new design this year. (Scott Webb, thanks for the photo!) And speaking of new designs, I had plenty of new items at the show. Like the “Scenic Tab” bead pendants (photos on prior post below), my new Mola Mola earrings, skeleton key pendants and fun, dangly bracelets, like this sea foam and mango shell combo (still available!). I have posted a few items in my “jewelry available” page. I will try to add more this week. Please email me with any questions!
Next show for me, the San Diego Bead Society Bead Bazaar on August 3rd & 4th. Sounds like a long time off, but I am grateful for the time to catch up!
mola ER

Almost summer…and hello SCUBA Show!

Well, it’s the same old thing, time flies. It feels like winter just ended and suddenly Memorial Day is this weekend! I have been working hard on new goodies for the SCUBA show June 8th & 9th. One of my priorities this year is to have some fun nudibranch jewelry, both earrings and pendants. I had planned on doing that but really got inspired by a recent custom order from a past customer. I was put to the “challenge” to make a bead of a nudi that is not yet identified. Sometimes this is not doable, but this seemed like a good challenge bead. Above is the real and the Jujee version.

Another series I am working on are my new “wide angle” beads. These will be finished with an arrangement of accent beads dangling under the bead and a clasp/bail that will make it easy to transition from a chain, or cord or what ever you want to wear it with. This is just a bead “tease”….visit me at the SCUBA show to see the finished pendants! I hope to see many familiar faces, and friends, both old and new at the show!

Next stop…the San Diego Bead Society Bazaar….August 3rd & 4th!

Welcome Springtime! Hello Las Vegas, Orange County and Los Angeles!

Next stop, Las Vegas for the annual Glass Craft Expo on April 5th through the 7th at the Sout Point Hotel. We (me and my sister Lisa) will be in our usual booth, C1, in the bead bazaar section of the expo. This is a fantastic show for glass artists and enthusiasts! And always a fun weekend for Lisa and me! What’s new this year? Well, I have my usuals along with a lovely selection of fresh fishes with matching bead sets, fun new color shell sets and a new collection of kitty earrings to mix and match and make your own pair!

So where are the photos?? I have been so busy getting all this together that I haven’t had the time to take pics YET, but promise to get photos up here when I return from my show.

What’s next after Vegas you ask? Art of Adorning the Bead in Orange County on April 27th and the LA Spring Bead Bazaar on April 28th. Busy month! So I hope to see you at one of the many shows, or be sure to email me with any questions.

It's BEARly February!

It’s that time of the new year again….busy, busy, getting ready for many shows. Tucson Best Bead Show will be the first one on my list. This year I will be inside the mail hall, booth G-204. I am very excited about this move, especially because I will stay warm!

Over the holiday I made a black bear for a friend of mine who has a house up in the mountains. I had fun making the bear and it led to making many more, including a new polar bear design and a panda! I will be “debuting” these cuties at the Tucson show. In addition to the bears, there is always room for another frog. This little guy below is inspired by the fact that I will actually be able to watch the entire Superbowl game!

What’s next after Tucson? VEGAS! Then the local spring shows and, even though June seems far away, the SCUBA show is just around the corner. Check out my new 2013 schedule! I hope to see you at one of my shows! And check out my Etsy, I have some jewelry up for sale

Holidays are among us….

blue fish ER
I am happy to report I actually have a few items listed on Etsy! Including these cute little fish earrings and my “Cappuccino” fish necklace! I have plenty more, just haven’t gotten it all up on my site yet.
I will be working over the next couple of days to post on my website gallery as well as a few more items on Etsy. Please check back…I mean it!

A great gift idea are my glass bottle toppers. I have several designs available, mostly all sea themed. In addition to the bottle toppers, I have a couple of key chains and handbag hangers. And check out my polymer clay BFF’s! What’s a BFF you say? Well click HERE and learn all about them!

I have one last Jingle Frog necklace available for $79, He hangs from a hand dyed silk ribbon and among his dangles, a small s. silver charm that simply says “JOY”. EMAIL me quick if you are interested!

Aren't they a HOOT! New Owl Beads


Hi again! Yep, been a while, so sorry about that…again. It is a very busy time as I am getting ready for the L.A. Bead Society Fall Bazaar this Sunday, October 28th at the Culver City Veteran’s Hall. The show goes from 10 to 5pm and it’s always stock full of goodies. I will be back in my (almost) usual spot. I’m the second booth in the “breezeway” as you enter the auditorium. Be sure to stop by and check out the new goodies!

Next weekend I will be heading up to Oakland for the annual BABE! Show, November 3rd & 4th. This is a huge show at the Marriott in downtown Oakland. Lots of vendors, lots of glass beads and lots of fun! I always look forward to this show and seeing my NorCal bead buddies.

The following weekend (told ya it was busy!) I will be having my annual how show along with my sister, Lisa and good friend Mary Ann Groark. Lisa will be selling her fused glass pieces and Mary Ann will have her amazing metal crafted jewelry. Maya will also be there selling her handmade kid purses as well as “repping” her Aunt Leslie’s line of handbags (for adults).
If you are interested in stopping by, please EMAIL ME for more info

After all of that, it will be the all about the holidays. Crazy! It’s 80 here in Redondo today. Hard to believe we will get trick or treaters in a few days…and then start thinking about roasting turkeys! But I do like the warm weather, so no complaints here.

I know I say this ALL of the time, but I will try to get a few items up on Esty before the holidays. I have some very nice wine bottle stoppers that make great gifts. Along with some new (below), less expensive “Korky Kritters”.

pano class
Thanks again to Penny & Jean for having me to the Let it Bead studio to teach in early October! I had a really fun weekend and it was great to see you all again and meet my new friends in Arizona! You are an awesome group of gals!